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We take pleasure in baking gourmet pancakes infused with Italian flavors and secret recipes, just as much as you relish indulging in them. Whether you're planning a private party or corporate event, we delight in offering an innovative catering experience for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, and impeccable event planning services. As an innovative and experienced indoor/outdoor event caterer based in London, we are capable of catering anywhere and providing full-service event management.


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Indulge in bespoke unlimited gourmet pancakes, ranging from classic sweet and savory choices to innovative vegan and vegetarian compositions, all crafted with homemade ingredients and made to order. It's an irresistibly attention-grabbing culinary experience.


Customize your pancake experience with personalized menus and fillings tailored to your desires. Our individual, homemade production ensures we can serve precisely the dishes you crave, using regional and seasonal ingredients to emphasize the true taste of the food. Our savory pancakes, made with buckwheat flour, offer a gluten-free and healthy option. From classic choices like banana and chocolate pancakes to innovative sweet potato variations, we cater to your perfect pancake preferences. If you seek a more customized menu, let us share the best new ideas to elevate your pancake experience.